Outpost Houston is one of approximately 50 outposts worldwide. The organization is staffed by Shell partners and offers inside information and professional services on most aspects of living abroad. It supports employees, their partners and families facing the challenges of global mobility.

Outpost Houston provides comprehensive information and advice on global relocation, career development, and repatriation. Together with our dedicated network of volunteers, we strive to contribute to your professional and personal well being.

Our services

Outpost Houston provides the following Services:

  • Meet & Greet: An Outpost Volunteer will contact you while you are still in temporary accommodation to answer any questions you may have regarding housing, schools and general local information. The volunteer can also connect you with other expats in the area with similar situations. The Welcomer will provide you with a Welcome Pack and an Inside Guide to Houston book.  Once you settle into your permanent accommodation, an Outpost Welcomer will contact you to say hello and see if you have any questions regarding your new neighborhood.
  • Monthly Open House – Coffee with a Twist: Outpost Houston holds an open house every month in the Outpost Office, Shell Woodcreek and a guest speaker makes a presentation about a subject relevant to expatriate life in Houston.
  • Presentations / Workshops / Social Events: Several events are held throughout the year such as Medical & Legal/Estate Planning, Third Culture Kids, Spouse Employment & Education, Immigration, Family Day, Holiday Brunch, Wine Tasting events, American Customs & Etiquette.
  • Outpost Houston Newsletter: Quarterly publication is sent via email.
  • Destinations Magazine: The Hague’s Outpost quarterly magazine is distributed via internal Shell mail.
  • Classifieds & Announcements: List with items for sale and latest announcements and events is distributed via email every two weeks.
  • Spouse Employment Documentation: Information on EAD, Study options and job opportunities.
  • Career and Development Support: Within our Shell expatriate community it has become apparent that Career and Development support is often needed. Outpost Houston provides  free CV consultation as well as help with job search and networking, sometimes through external resources. We also developed a Career & Development Guide for those spouses that would like to have a 'manual' to help them along. A copy of the C&D guide is available in our library once you log-in. 
  • Resource Library:  Outpost Houston maintains an extensive library of books relating to Houston, the USA, travel and expatriation PLUS an extensive resource library on other Shell destinations around the globe.
  • Internet, Computer Facilities & Kids' Room: Feel free to use our facilities in the Outpost Houston office while your kids keep themselves occupied.

 Our customers:

  • Local US Parented Shell Employees and their families who are considering or preparing for an overseas posting.
  • Non US Parented Shell Employees and their families who are expatriates in Houston. 
  • Non US Parented Shell Employees and their families who are considering or preparing for a posting to Houston.

Outpost Houston

Office hours: Monday thru Thursday 10.00 - 14.00
Languages: Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Russian
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